Are you dreaming of something unique and different?


#Paradise is here.

We offer our expertise for all types of celebrations from weddings and baptisms, to company events and birthday parties.


We strongly believe that combining the environment of the best beach in Athens with meticulous planning is the key to a celebration you and your guests will never forget...


We customize the level of service based on each client’s needs. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party for two, a white wedding, or a corporate gala, we look forward to being your partner in this...


  • Business Meetings

  • Business Breakfast Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner

  • Social events

  • Corporate Events

  • Weddings 

  • Kids Parties

  • Parties

  • Concept Dinners


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Baptism Receptions
Baptism Receptions
Baptism Receptions
Deloitte Event 2016
Deloitte Event 2016
Coca Cola Private Event
Reunion Dinner
Reunion Dinner
Bachelor Dinner
Randstad Bonding Dinner
Kids Birthday Party
Kids Party
Kids Birthday Party